Problems in the soft economy

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Software Quality A lot of software is buggy and there is no recourse for consumers. Software that is too good won't create demand for upgrades. No fee for upgrades helps customers. To keep up value of reserve stock, company would improve product.
Public Contribution The creation of a standard happens when a lot of "early adopters" and organizations invest resources. The public standard is privatized and tweaked so the public is denied any ROI. IBM
Early adopters would be rewarded with splits and ability to resell unused licenses. Licenses do not expire or become obsolete with upgrade
Joint Tenancy Because a software product, like a movie, involves creative contributions from many people, this is used as an excuse to pay a fixed fee for art which is resold infinite times without royalty. JOINT Creators could be paid with options for licenses, and can sell out their "moral rights" later. The "studio" system was invented before computers. 
High Tech Employee  Good content providers want a piece of the action. Thats why salaries and options are through the roof. JOINT See Joint Tenancy. Importing slaves from Elbonia who escape to startups when they can pay back their relo package doesnt solve it.
Interface Based Monopolies When a private company gets control of a public communication interface standard, it can tweak it at will, and cause great harm to all. IBM
No upgrade windfalls will reduce incentive for malicious interface tweaks.
Taxation of Intangibles Software sold in stores generates sales tax. Bits downloaded over the net don't.  SKETCH
Sales of PURLs generate capital gains taxes, taxable revenues for brokers, etc.
Software Piracy People make copies for their friends. There are open black market worldwide. Who does it hurt? PIRACY
In human interest to protect value of their cash and stock
Predatory Behavior Here is a steep discount on our license if you destroy your copy of  my competitors license. We'll even help convert your files! PREDATORY Cannot destroy a competitors license. Cannot afford to give away objects of  real value.
Conflicting Standards Malicious upgrades to file formats to prevent predatory behavior IBM
Oligarchy arises with different human interfaces to shared data formats.
Charitable Donations Companies can lower their taxes by giving away tokens which cost nothing. DOWNSIDE Donations would be fewer, of real value, and resellable!
Public Library problem Software is not loaned out by public libraries contributing to info-have and info-have-nots. PIRACY
Floating licenses with internet brokered install/uninstall enables serial loans
Software Pricing There is no market. Nobody knows how to price their software, unless its is free on infinite auction. PREDATORY
With finite supply, prices are volatile and change with quality, supply and demand.
Lack of Secondary Market If GM could afford to buy back old cars at twice the blue book value, there would be no used car market. SECMARK License is infinitely durable, no difference between "new" and "old".