True Property: A free market solution
for information licenses

The social contract establishing copyrights as a limited time monopoly was built in the time of the storyteller and the bard, and has not adapted well to the information age. Piracy of information property (infoprop)  is rampant and often seen as heroic, software is buggy, large capital investments are rendered worthless overnight, authors and artists are not fairly compensated, consumers are unhappy, service is nonexistent, and companies are always at risk of  having their business destroyed by predators who can offer an equivalent product for free,  foster incompatibilities, or steal key employees. 

I have an idea which solves all the problems, provides perfect anti-piracy protection, and maintains opportunity for wealth and innovation for the content generating industries while protecting both purchasers and content creators from the theft of their property. It is called a market, and it does not yet exist for software. It requires a new way of thinking. Explore some of the arguments and analogies in this evolving  hyperbook and it will make perfect sense.  .

 Copyright © 1999 J. B. Pollack