Why should you support this movement

If you're a: Then you'll get:
Lawyer More work.
Politician A new idea to fight over!
Journalist a biz section twice as large to support the real important news.
Content Provider (a.k.a. programmer, artist, animator, composer, producer, director, actor, writer) sometimes paid in appreciating shares rather than flat-fees.
Software executive customer loyalty, product longevity, less predators,  new way to value your employees. You'll even get people buying software just to hold as investments. You'll lose the myth that like Microsoft, you can force customers to buy the same product over and over again.
customer, user,
IT executive
more ROI; ability to try products and resell them if unsuitable. Purchase floating licences as needed instead of being ripped off by "seats".
Open Source Evangelist A way for your next team to be rewarded for their creative work if it turns into sendmail, apache, or linux.
Bureaucrat the ability to tax something in the information age!
Military New property to defend internationally.
Financier, Stock Broker, Investment banker new opportunities for arbitrage and commissions! (Contact me if you have 100M to build a 10B company to profit from brokering PURL's)
Technical support personnel A morale boost and resources, because your division becomes a revenue stream rather than a unwanted cost.
 Copyright © 1999 J. B. Pollack