About the Author

Jordan B. Pollack  is a computer scientist and prolific inventor who solves problems in complex systems of hardware, software and people. Best known in scientific circles for some publications  in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, machine learning, and artificial life, he also  has over 20 years of practical experience in all computers great and small. On the Internet, he founded one of the first ftp-based digital libraries, Neuroprose, as well as the usenet group comp.sys.laptops. This text is the product of his 1997-8  sabbatical study.

He is on the faculty of Brandeis University where he is the director of a laboratory called the  Dynamical and Evolutionary Machine Organization (DEMO). He  consults part time as Chief Scientist to Abuzz Technologies, and is also president of Thinmail, Inc. This essay does not reflect the views of Brandeis, Abuzz, Thinmail, or any sponsors of his research.